Customized Insights for Your Company

The key question in social media has changed.

For business, we’ve moved beyond “should we do social media?” to “how do we do social media well?” The answer to the latter requires planning, insights, and data – which is where The Social Habit becomes a valuable asset.

Certainly, there are multiple sources for social media trends information – including our own work that uses unparalleled methodologies and uncommon rigor. But the overwhelming majority of this research is broad. It unveils how large swaths of Americans use social media.

That’s incredibly useful information to know, but the value of those findings grows geometrically if they are tuned specifically to your company and its circumstances. And now, you can do that.

Only The Social Habit gives companies the opportunity to field custom research questions at an affordable rate, providing extraordinary insights that can guide strategic planning, social participation, ROI calculation, social advertising and more. Custom research questions in national, omnibus surveys typically cost tens of thousands of dollars. We can give you the same (or better) level of specific, usable insights for a lot less. Visit our product page to learn how affordable quality research can be.

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Pinterest? Good Use of Resources, or Colossal Waste of Effort?

The Social Habit research will uncover how many Americans are using Pinterest, why they are using it, and how often. But what if you are a financial services company, trying to determine whether an investment in a Pinterest program makes sense? With a custom question, we could determine whether our randomly selected and demographically controlled research panel is disproportionately prone to use Pinterest if they are also habitual online banking users.

Or, pretend you are a fast feeder with hundreds or thousands of U.S. locations. You’d like to know the best way to deliver time-sensitive coupons via social media to boost your breakfast business. With a custom question, we could determine whether the subset of our research panel that eats fast food three or more times per week are more likely to respond to offers via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, email, text message, or satellite radio. Try that with your off-the-shelf survey of 200 people that’s breathlessly reported on

Only The Social Habit can give you customized yet affordable social media insights that make a material impact on your business. We can only ask a few per survey, however, so if you’re interesting in talking about ways to customize The Social Habit for your company, let’s talk.

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