Social Media and Technology Research

We’re data geeks.  And you should be too.

Data is the heart of marketing, the soul of strategy.  And yet in the information-dense world of the social web, reliable statistics remain elusive.  We are changing the game when it comes to social media research. This is not the place for  wow-me infographics, or wild seat-of-the-pants claims. We are bringing you real, actionable data backed by Edison Research, the company trusted by NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX and the Associated Press to be the sole providers for U.S. Election Exit Polling, and the authors of some of the most widely cited media research in the world.

This is what you can expect from The Social Habit:


Respondents will be drawn from the industry’s only truly random, probability-sampled panel, ensuring that the data generated by The Social Habit will be reliable, representative, and projectable to the population of U.S. social media users.

Unparalleled insight.

The Social Habit is backed by some of the premier names on the social media scene: Tom Webster, Jay Baer, Jason Falls, and Mark Schaefer.  They will be offering both free webinars and exclusive support for our clients to help interpret research findings through the lens of their vast experience.

Free stuff.

We will publish regular reports free for all to use, share, and enjoy. We are taking aim at the data hucksters and infusing data-backed conclusions and reasoned interpretation into the field of social media science.

Affordable research packages.

By leveraging an experienced, highly-trained staff of Edison field researchers,  we conduct the type of quality research for you that used to be within the reach of only the largest companies and agencies.  This valuable research can serve as a base for decision support for any organization seeking to optimize their social media efforts.

Custom questions.

A truly extraordinary opportunity to tap into one of the world’s best research teams to solve problems, capture valuable brand insight, and discover powerful consumer attitudes and behaviors that translate into competitive advantage.  This exclusive research it will also provide brands and agencies with enormously valuable insights on where social media is going, and what they need to do to capitalize on both present and future trends. Examples of research topics would include:

  • Usage of various platforms and how users interact with your brand.
  • Interactions between brands and social influencers
  • Location-based services
  • eCommerce and social shopping
  • Mobile trends and usage patterns
  • Simultaneous media usage
  • Motivations behind “likes” and other types of brand engagement
  • Correlations between specific social media behaviors and awareness, trial, purchase intent and brand advocacy
  • Discovery of brand-specific best practices in social media
  • Inputs for practical ROI calculations

Call us today or drop us a line so we can discuss how the extraordinary power of our research can be put to work for you.