Why Pinterest Matters

Why Pinterest Matters

In the fall, 2012, edition of The Social Habit, we inserted a whole raft of questions on Pinterest–not only to learn who uses the pinning service, but why and how they use it, and how that usage correlates with purchase behavior. We explored a number of platforms in The Social Habit, of course, but Pinterest stands alone for one very notable reason.

First of all, take note of the overall demographics of social media users in America (ages 12+):

Social Media Demographics by Edison

What is remarkable about this graph is that there is absolutely nothing remarkable about this graph. In other words, Americans who use social media essentially look like Americans, period. Social media usage is a mainstream behavior, and gone are the days when it was concentrated with any one demographic group.

Now look at the demographics of Pinterest:

Pinterest Demographics by Edison

Not only does this graph tell a very different story, it tells a unique story among all the major social platforms we explored in The Social Habit. Pinterest doesn’t just lean female, it leans a lot female (Google+, by comparison, is a stag party.)

For this reason alone, Pinterest is worth a more considered study–which is why we have an entire section in the paid Social Habit report on what kinds of products women (and men) pin on Pinterest, why they pin them, and when, if ever, they buy them. Want to know more? Head over to our products and pricing page and learn about The Social Habit, Fall 2012 Edition.

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Tom Webster is Vice President, Strategy for Edison Research - the company best known as the sole providers of all exit polling data for CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, The AP and other major news providers. He is the principal author of The Social Habit. Find him on Twitter at @webby2001


  1. C. Diane Lord says:

    Hey Tom,
    Just checking out your findings on Pinterest, since I am a big fan of the site. I am amoung the 35-44 year old female catagory. I visit Pinterest daily, have found many interesting ideas on the site. Thanks for sharing your information with F.B.

    Diane Lord

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