What We Do

We at the Social Habit ask questions, interpret the answers and deliver insights based on those interpretations that help businesses better understand and optimize their marketing efforts. We do this primarily through a quarterly survey of 3,000 online Americans, ages 12 and over, who use social media, that is fueled by the curiosity of four social media marketing thought leaders, a world-class custom research company and the businesses and brands which subscribe to The Social Habit.

Results of our surveys are analyzed and interpreted with business insights in mind by our editorial board of analysts, including industry thought leaders Jay Baer, Jason Falls, Mark Schaefer and Edison Research’s own Tom Webster, and reported through our various offerings to you:

  • An executive summary with over 100 charts and graphs, detailed findings and recommendations
  • A live, three-hour online event, with analysis and live questions-and-answers from Baer, Falls, Schaefer and Webster
  • Optional complete copies of the survey’s raw data
  • Optional one-hour consulting calls with the analyst of your choice
  • Optional custom segmenting of the data, including a 30-minute explanatory call with Webster
Businesses may also opt to purchase questions in future iterations of The Social Habit to gain more specific insights into their brand, industry, competitors or consumers.

The Social Habit is sound and credible social media consumer research …

And occasionally, we enjoy a lovely meal together to discuss all this.

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